fredag 16 mars 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 16 " 1912"

De här måste vara den finaste scenen mellan Damon och Stefan, någonsin. 

Damon: They let Rick go... sheriff Forbes says she's out of suspects again but... 
Rick is now declare

I know it may not  seem like it did very well tonight, 
before you know, you will be the king of moderation, 
Elena will understand.
Stefan: dosen't really matter what Elena thinks.
Damon: A a... none of that. no more no humanity Stefan, theres a road called recovery, and we are on it.
Stefan: way do you even care ha? the howl brother bonding thing, 
getting Elena to hate you or do you feel guilty because you kissed her, is that it Damon? 
Because you can stop, go back to hating me, it was allot easier. 
Damon: can you for one minuet acutely believe that i am trying to help you. 
Stefan: i dont need your help. 
Damon: dont need my... are you kidding me! do you remember what happened last time you said that? 
Stefan: what are you talking about?
Damon: 1912 Stefan... 
last time i convinced you to drink human blood.

*Flashback to 1912*

-Standing in a cirkus tent with allot of people-
Damon: Go ahead Stefan... Pick one.
Stefan: They are people Damon.
Damon: They are people Stefan, 
people with blood pumping through there vines, Waiting to be opened up and sucked dry. 
You have just forgotten how good it feels 
and so had i,
 but Sage, she reminded me,
 its worth it. its all worth it. 
-Stefan looks at a man, who just been nocked down to the ground-
Damon: Not him Stefan, not him, 
-Damon looks at a young girl standing across the room-
Damon: her, she's the one.
Stefan: I dont do that anymore. 
Damon: but you can, We can. 
Let the past be the past. 
Have a drink with me brother. 
-later outside behind the tent-
Damon: I knew you still had it in you. 
-Stefan bits her neck, sucking blood-
Damon: Don't be greedy... Stefan 
- Stefan bite her neck harder and rips her head of-
Stefan: o my god, 
o my god, i 'm sorry,
-Stefans trying to put back the girls head, crying-
Damon: Stefan stop, 
Stefan stop.
Stefan: i 'm so sorry, i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry... 
-Damon tried to pull Stefan away from the body, Stefan refuse-
Stefan: What did you do to me! 
Damon: sch... Stefan 
Stefan: what did you do to me?
Damon: you just need to learn... how to stop, 
i can help you.
Stefan: i dont need your help. 
-Stefan runs of into the woods-

*Flashback ended*

Damon: the funder council killer had nothing on you, 
by the decades end they where calling you the ripper of mone ray. 
-Damon looks guilty and sad looking at Stefan-
Damon: I let you walk away. 
I watched you go over the edge and i didn't do anything to stop you. 
Stefan: you couldn't have. 
Damon: sure i could, 
but i just didn't want to.
 But i want to now
, whenever you go to far i will be there to pull you back,
 every second,every day until you don't need me anymore. 
Stefan: way?
Damon:  because right now,
 you are all i got.

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